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Should I Go?"

Sarah Cook Ruggera
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Couples Counseling

Having problems with the one you love? Do you struggle over chores, budgets, in-law problems, too little affection, not enough sex, and busy schedules that result in not enough time together? Relationships are hard work. It’s often lonely. Even when you do the best you can it still doesn't work out the way you'd hoped: annoying habits, unnecessary fights, too little appreciation, broken promises, boredom, arguments, lies, and not enough help around the house. You know the list goes on.

Yet the value of a strong, fulfilling, relationship is undeniable: you get love, companionship, adventure, relaxation, affection, stability, financial security, and better health. For couples to survive and for long-term relationships to flourish, education, resources and practical information is needed. You also need one more thing that can be very helpful: to learn a Process in which to effectively communicate. When you’ve learned this process it doesn’t matter what the content may be. Anything can be resolved when each of us feels we’ve been heard. Understanding why couples become so reactive to each other will put you one step ahead of couples who are at the mercy of a process they don't understand - and certainly don't know how to do anything about.

A strong, loving, and healthy relationship provides much more than companionship and support. It also encourages both partners to be their best as individuals. And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be perfect to work wonders!

I help couples in all stages of life to improve their relationships and their individual selves. I am able to develop a treatment/action plan whereby making the process more productive with practical tools in which to learn new processes to effectively communicate. Whether you are working on issues in a new relationship, or looking to revive the spark in an established one, I can help you and your partner build a relationship that is not only functional, but happy and satisfying.

Call me at (858) 735-1139 and let’s get started. I am confident Couples Counseling doesn't have to be long-term to benefit from this initial process.