Sarah Cook Ruggera, M.F.T.
Marriage and Family Therapist

Helping People Who Ask The Question....
"Should I Stay or
Should I Go?"

Sarah Cook Ruggera
5230 Carroll Canyon Road
Suite 116
San Diego CA 92121
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Services Provided

Providing Individual, Couples and Marriage Counseling

  • In Office - Face to Face
  • Telephone Counseling
  • Internet - Email
  • Online Video Chat



For your convenience, I accept payment by cash, personal check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Credit and Debit cards

I do not take health insurance.

I understand that having health insurance can be important when you have medical issues and expenses. However, many insurance companies do not pay for Couples Counseling as they do not see relationship struggles as a medical problem.

And I agree – relationship issues are not medical problems. That said, you may find therapists that are willing to take your medical insurance for counseling.

It’s important to know using your medical insurance for counseling has some risks involved to you. You see, in order to use your medical insurance, you must be given a Mental Disorder Diagnosis which will now be listed and become a part of your medical records. This can cause problems later when you might be asked “have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?” on a job application or when applying for health insurance or life insurance in the future.

I want to help you and your relationships – not potentially cause you problems later due to a diagnosis on your records. That is why I do not take health insurance as reimbursement.