Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

Developing A Greater Sense of Self

Developing A Greater Sense of Self.  When establishing a romantic relationship looking for a partner should ENHANCE you not COMPLETE you.  I never liked that saying in the Jerry McGuire movie as I believed it set women back years.  No one person completes another who has a sense of self.  Growing up as the eldest … Read more

Happy Polyamorous Valentine’s Day

Happy Polyamorous Valentine’s Day.  Some of you may want to know what the heck that means.  Others may want to know how to have a successful Valentine’s Day as they are in a polyamorous or polysexual relationship.  Valentine’s Day is stressful enough for single people and people in monogamous relationships.  When you are poly it … Read more

The Other Woman

The Other Woman is also known as the “Mistress.”  The profile of the “Other Woman” is not what Hollywood depicts on the big screen.  They aren’t the gorgeous, hot and sexy model types who have supernatural ways of preying on vulnerable men who would never have strayed were he not lured into it.  She’s not some … Read more

What You Might Not Know About Affair Recovery

What You Might Not Know About Affair Recovery.  You might not know this, but affair recovery isn’t just saying, “Honey, I swear I’ll never do it again.” Or “I’ll do whatever it takes to make this up to you.”  Then do nothing behaviorally afterward where you demonstrate an adjustment that backs up that statement.  As … Read more

Why Some Men See Prostitutes

Why Some Men See Prostitutes.  The definition of a prostitute is a person who engages in sexual activity for payment. Prostitutes are also referred to as sex workers, escorts, and hookers.  Some people are quick to judge these men, especially if they are married and label them as “horndogs, sex addicts, assholes, pigs, and pricks.”  Sex … Read more

Lucid Dreams Can Make Your Day

Lucid Dreams Can Make Your Day.  As a Marriage Counselor, I work with couples who want to enhance their relationship. I utilize many techniques within the field of psychotherapy to do just that.  As every couple is different and has their own unique circumstances for moving forward I add other methods to this process.  Incorporating … Read more

Ringing In The New Year With A New Monogamy

Ringing In The New Year With A New Monogamy.  What exactly is a New Monogamy?  Monogamy is defined as the practice or state of being married to one person at a time or having a sexual relationship with only one partner.  Some literature on affair recovery suggests that infidelity is a symptom of some fundamental … Read more

Should School Start Later?

Should School Start Later?  As a parent, you want the best for your children.  That includes physical, emotional and psychological well-being.  Are you guilty of nagging your teenage kid to get to bed early so they get enough sleep?  We’ve been told by health experts, and it’s conventional wisdom that we should sleep between seven … Read more

Holiday Blues – What To Do About Them

Holiday Blues – What To Do About Them. The holidays are bombarded with expectations.  Expectations that include past years of nostalgia or disappointment. For some people, the holidays are a time of great challenges.  For whatever reason situations have changed for them making the Holidays a time of unhappiness and loneliness. Baby Boomers remember Charlie Brown … Read more

Visiting Your Crazy Family For Christmas?

Visiting Your Crazy Family For Christmas?  Dysfunctional Families And The Holidays. Who doesn’t have a dysfunctional family?  That’s a rhetorical question. Having a “normal” family can be considered dysfunctional.  But seriously dysfunctional families can be detrimental to emotional well-being and we all know what I’m talking about.  As a Marriage Counselor, the Holidays present a … Read more