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Pre-Marital Counseling – Do You Really Need It?

Pre-Marital Counseling – Do You Really Need It?  Ahh the June Bride.  How romantic and exciting to have become engaged.  Now to start planning the wedding.  As a Marriage Counselor I offer Pre-Marital Counseling to Couples ready to make the move toward this joyous occasion.  I’m also happy to say I have a daughter that will be making that same move by the end of this year.  Many couples say they have talked about what their future will be like but haven’t really sat down and discussed what that will look like.  There are important topics to be addressed and expectations should be made explicit before making it legal.  If not, trust me…this will be a good first marriage in which to find out what would have been helpful for your next.


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Don’t Get Married Until You’ve Talked About These Topics:

What is your vision for our future?  What does that look like?

What are your goals or hopes for the marriage?

Who will manage the money and bills?

Will we have joint or separate bank accounts?

What are your expectations about sex and intimacy?

What are your expectations about involvement in religion or spiritual activity?

Where will we live?

Who will do chores?  How will they be divided?

Will we have children?  How many?

If we are blending a family, how will this work?  Will we both parent or parent only our own children?

How will be participate in the Holidays?  With the in-laws?

How will the household operate?  What does that look like?  What are our roles?

What are expectations about Individual activities and Couples’ activities?

How will we resolve conflict?

How will we communicate with each other?

And many more…….which are specific to your individual situation


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Laying down the foundation for your marriage in Pre-Marital Counseling is worth the time, energy and money you put into the process.  Having a marriage that not only works for you both, but is satisfying and happy is priceless.  It makes more sense to invest in pre-marital counseling as it can save you more money in the long run than if you have to seek the service of a divorce attorney who typically has rates of $450/hr. along with the heartache of splitting up a family.

Couples Counseling with me is time specific where you will be able to talk about what you want your future to look like and acquire the lifetime tools for conflict resolution, being able to effectively communicate, and ask for what you need and want from one another for a healthy union.  Please contact me at (858) 735-1139 before you actually say “I Do.”