Stress Free Valentine’s Day Tips 2017

Stress-free Valentine’s Day tips 2017.  Working as a Marriage Counselor for over 23 years, I’ve noticed some married couples tend to downplay Valentine’s Day.  It could be because they’ve been married for so long they may unknowingly be taking each other for granted.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they are receiving counseling. When talking to … Read more

Expectations Of A Marriage Proposal On Valentine’s Day

Expectations Of A Marriage Proposal On Valentine’s Day.  Here it is, Valentine’s Day.  You’ve been dating your gal for over a “decent period” of time now.  You both know each other well enough and you know she wants you to take the next step.  So what are you waiting for?! As a Marriage Counselor, I … Read more

Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Once A Cheater Always A Cheater.  This statement isn’t always true.  Some women whose husbands have cheated on them tend to think so.  As a Marriage Counselor working with couples for over 22 years I believe some infidelities are isolated incidents.  Men cheat for a variety of reasons.  Some are labeled as Philanderers.  These men … Read more

So You Think You Want A Divorce

So You Think You Want A Divorce.  It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been married.  If your marriage is not a good working relationship with mutual respect who says you have to stay in it?  Add abuse of any kind and wonder why individuals stay in relationships longer than they need to.  I’ve been … Read more

The Crisis of Infidelity Part II

The Crisis of Infidelity Part II.  There are different types of affairs San Diego Couples experience as they enter Marriage and Couples Counseling to deal with the effects of what their behaviors have attributed to their relationships. Types of Affairs Life Transitions Relationships go through stages involving loss and then gain – and each of … Read more

The Crisis of Infidelity

The Crisis of Infidelity.  The single most destructive threat to committed relationships in San Diego and throughout the entire world is when one of the partners engages in a sexual relationship with another person. This is not an uncommon event. Conservative estimates suggest that about a quarter of women, and a third of men, have … Read more

Relationships And The New Year 2017

Relationships And The New Year 2017.  With every New Year, there tends to be a New Year’s resolution.  As a Marriage Counselor, the New Year brings in couples who are either ending their relationships or couples who are starting new ones. The past year gave those ending their relationship a chance to think about whether … Read more

Couples Surviving The Holiday Blues

Couples Surviving The Holiday Blues.  What To Do For Those Holiday Blues.  We just got done with Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. Before you know it we’ll be ringing in the New Year.  Depending how you weathered through Thanksgiving, Christmas may or may not be something to look forward to.  For most … Read more

Where To Spend Your Holidays

Where To Spend Your Holidays.  Thanksgiving is typically the start of the holiday season.  Most couples dread the holiday season because of the issue of where to spend them.  Most families have holiday traditions and expect family members to keep them.  Some couples even dread the holidays as they are expected to spend time with … Read more

Holiday Overload

Holiday Overload.  Preventing Holiday overload is something we want to put in place as Thanksgiving is next week and before you know it Christmas and New Year’s and everything that comes with the Holidays will hit us just like it does every year.  For most this time of year is filled with fun and excitement. … Read more