Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

Ending Your Affair With Integrity

Ending your affair with integrity. Just because you made a really bad mistake in choosing to engage in an affair doesn’t mean you have to make another bad mistake and end it in a bad way.  If you are in a sexual or emotional relationship (or both) and realize you need to end it you … Read more

Are Three Ways Good For Your Marriage?

Are Three Ways Good For Your Marriage?  Are Threesomes Good For Your Relationship?  Threesomes may or may not be good for marriages.  I’ve been working with a Couple in Marriage Counseling who have been married for 7 years.  In their 3rd year they wanted to try a Threesome at the request of her husband with another … Read more

Regaining Your Sex Life After An Affair

Erotic Recovery After Infidelity is what is referred to as regaining your sex life after an affair. Is Erotic Recovery possible after an affair?  When infidelity hits home and that ultimate betrayal comes between the two of you who can possibly want to be close to your partner again emotionally let alone physically.  Despite the … Read more

I Said I’d Never Stay With A Partner Who Cheated On Me

I said I’d never stay with a partner who cheated on me.  We’ve all made this statement sometime in our relationship life.  “I Said I’d Never Stay With A Partner Who Cheated On Me.”  Who would want to stay with a spouse/partner who cheated on them? Obvious answer, “No one.”  But that question is not … Read more

Signs It’s Time For Marriage Counseling

Signs It’s Time For Marriage Counseling.  I always thought a class about relationships would have been beneficial to any high school curriculum.  When I was in school Home Economics taught us how to cook and sew.  Auto Shop taught us how to repair and maintain cars.  But what about developing and fostering working relationships?  The … Read more

Why Married Men Don’t Cheat

According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy dated 9/8/2013 22% of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives.  There have been many articles written by experts in the field as to why men cheat.  In 1995, Sheppard, Nelso & Andreoli-Mathie, reported men cheat because they are unsatisfied sexually.  Another … Read more

Is Your Body Language Getting Your Message Across?

Is Your Body Language Getting Your Message Across?  From first impressions to first dates, a smile can be worth everything.  A smile conveys warmth and friendliness.  It helps put the other person at ease.  Eye contact is an important nonverbal form of body language.  Direct eye contact shows respect for the other person, although in … Read more

Are You Cheating?

Do you have a dirty little secret you’ve been hiding from your partner?  Have you been sneaking around and covering your tracks?  Maybe you’re caught up in an unquenchable love affair with designer handbags or it’s your partner who’s totally embedded in gambling.  If you’re living in fear of each other’s credit card bills, it … Read more

The New Monogamy Agreement

So what’s all this talk about New Monogamy Agreements? New Monogamy Agreements are Contracts that are an Explicit Relationship Agreement created by each partner to openly, honestly, and safely share their desires, expectations, and limitations for moving forward in a new way of behaving within their Relationship. This agreement in no way creates an open … Read more