Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

The New School Year and Your Relationship….Learn Something New

The New School Year and Your Relationship….Learn Something New.  School has started.  Summer vacation is over and you’re back to your normal routine. That fabulous family vacation was wonderful except you felt no connection with your husband/wife.  The kids had fun but what about you?  Just thinking about that same old routine is making you … Read more

Enhancing Your Emotionally Committed Relationship

Enhancing Your Emotionally Committed Relationship.  To become acquainted with oneself can be a terrible shock.Emotionally committed relationships bring excitement and passion into our lives, especially when they are new.  Over time, however, we come across roadblocks based in personal issues that can distance us from our partners.  When we first enter into a committed relationship, … Read more

Assert Yourself

Assert Yourself.  Have you ever heard yourself say, “I’m a nice person. I’m a polite person. I’d never intentionally do anything to hurt anybody. So why don’t other people give me the respect I deserve?” The problem could well be due to difficulty with assertiveness. Maybe you aren’t showing your nice, polite, and respectful qualities … Read more