Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

How to Keep a Happy Relationship

What Keeps A Relationship Happy?  There’s an internet-based study of 2201 participants which was recently cited in Time Magazine that poses the question that has been asked by Couples for centuries.  How do you find Love and how do you make it last? Relationships aren’t just about sex and good communication although that is a … Read more

Affair Recovery

Some helpful steps for the process of Affair Recovery: See a Marriage/Couples Counselor.  Find a Counselor who is trained and experienced in Couples Therapy specializing in Infidelity.  An affair doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship so try and avoid Therapists who believe in that theory. End The Affair.  The first thing that … Read more

Intimacy – You Have To Love Yourself First

Intimacy – You Have To Love Yourself First.  Intimacy is a state of closeness with another human being.  Our capacity for intimacy determines our ability to participate in a mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationship.  People I work with in Individual Therapy are afraid of getting too close to anyone.  They fear that if they open … Read more

The Sex Date

This is not a normal Date Night where you go out to dinner and have a couple glasses of wine.  Usually after a night like that you come home full and just want to go to sleep.  Make a date with your partner for SEX.  Sex dates are an important part of creating spontaneity and … Read more

No Time For Weekly Therapy, Try A Couples Intensive

No Time For Weekly Therapy, Try A Couples Intensive Need help from a Relationship Expert?  Intensive therapy may be the way to go. Marriage/Relationship in a crisis? Explore an Intensive…… Resolve conflict, work through affairs, increase sexual intimacy, improve communication in your relationship. What is Intensive Therapy? An in-depth 1-day session that can create dramatic and … Read more

Bringing A New Monogamy To Couples In The 21st Century

The New Monogamy As we’re into the 21st Century all the diversified groups of relationships have surfaced and I believe are here to stay.  Heterosexual relationships, Homosexual relationships, Traditional Monogamous relationships (Closed); Open Marriages; Semi-Open Marriages; Polyamorous Marriages/Relationships; and Polysexual Relationships.  People are no longer living in the past or “dark ages” where one way … Read more