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Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships

If you’ve been following my last two blogs this completes the trio of what people do to mess up their lives.  Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host and author writes about the problems women and men face in finding peace in love and the ways in which they hurt themselves and one another in their romantic relationships.  Again the word stupid describes the “behavior” and not the person so as not to offend anyone in particular.


1.   Stupid Secrets – Withholding important information for the fear of rejection.

2.   Stupid Egotism – Asking not what you can do for the relationship but only what the relationship can do for you.

3.   Stupid Pettiness – Making a big deal out of the small stuff.

4.   Stupid Power – The need to always be in control.

5.   Stupid Priorities – Consuming all your time and energies with work, hobbies, errands, and chores instead of focusing on your relationship.

6.   Stupid Happiness – Seeking stimulation and assurance from all the wrong places to satisfy the immature need to feel good.

7.   Stupid Excuses – Not being accountable for bad behavior.

8.   Stupid Liaisons – Not letting go of negative attachments to friends and relatives who are damaging to your relationship.

9.    Stupid Mismatch – Not knowing when to leave and cut your losses.

10.  Stupid Breakups – Disconnecting for all the wrong reasons.

Acknowledging your stupid mistakes can be difficult, but with the help of an effective Marriage Counselor you can learn how to correct them and how to find satisfaction and joy in your most important relationship.  For additional information please contact me at (858) 735-1139.