Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

Why Men Cheat

Why Men Cheat.  Some real reasons why men cheat have been revealed in a survey by Dr. Gary Neuman asking the question how much do you know about infidelity and Why Do Men Cheat?  Fifteen questions were surveyed and the following answers came up regarding unfaithful husbands and cheating: 1.   Over 50 million men … Read more

What You Might Not Know About Affair Recovery

What You Might Not Know About Affair Recovery.  You might not know this, but affair recovery isn’t just saying, “Honey, I swear I’ll never do it again.” Or “I’ll do whatever it takes to make this up to you.”  Then do nothing behaviorally afterward where you demonstrate an adjustment that backs up that statement.  As … Read more

Infidelity Knows No Boundaries

Infidelity Knows No Boundaries.  It’s all over the news and media that Donald Trump intends to smear Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by dredging up her husband’s past infidelities while he doesn’t even have a clean slate when it comes to faithfulness in marriage.  As the information reads, Trump too has had an infidelity in the form … Read more

Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery.  My cheating spouse doesn’t understand that saying, “I’m sorry” just isn’t good enough.  Neither is saying, “I’m really sorry.” Finding out your partner is having an affair is probably the most devastating thing that could happen to you. Cheating shatters the core of your existence leaving you with feelings of rejection, mistrust, anger, … Read more