Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

Caught Cheating? Now What?

Caught Cheating? Now What? You’ve just discovered your husband/wife is having an affair.  What do you do now?  Confess or deny?  As a Marriage Counselor, I see couples whose spouse has just been caught cheating and are at a crossroads in either being able to minimize or worsen the situation by continuing to lie, become … Read more

Different Kinds Of Affairs

Different Kinds Of Affairs.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist and Affair Recovery Specialist, I am often asked why people have affairs.  There is no one size fits all answer to that question.  There are many different reasons people have affairs. The impact on the lives of those who practice infidelity is huge.  It violates … Read more

If Your Husband Is Cheating

If Your Husband Is Cheating.  Do you think your husband is cheating?  Facing this reality can be scary. Finding out your husband is cheating is one of the toughest things to go through in a marriage.  If you’re uncertain and suspect your spouse may be having an affair the following are guidelines to help initiate … Read more

Affair Proof Your Marriage

Affair Proof Your Marriage.  As a Marriage Counselor working in Affair and Infidelity Recovery I work with couples who made the terrible mistake of cheating and now are left experiencing confusion and panic as they don’t know what to do to move forward and remedy what they have just done. No doubt affairs can provide … Read more

Marriages Can Survive Infidelity

Marriages Can Survive Infidelity.  Affairs can heal broken marriages and even reveal relationship dysfunction.  Renowned Author and Sex Therapist Tammy Nelson and respected Colleague provides a 3-step process for Recovering from Infidelity that I implement in working with my Couples in Marriage Counseling that is highly effective in helping them move forward.  As a Marriage … Read more

Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery.  My cheating spouse doesn’t understand that saying, “I’m sorry” just isn’t good enough.  Neither is saying, “I’m really sorry.” Finding out your partner is having an affair is probably the most devastating thing that could happen to you. Cheating shatters the core of your existence leaving you with feelings of rejection, mistrust, anger, … Read more

What Is Erotic Recovery

What Is Erotic Recovery.  An essential part of helping Couples move forward in Affair Recovery is the restoration of Erotic Recovery.  Infidelity and affairs cause Erotic Injury to the relationship.  Erotic Injury is where the Hurt Partner experiences an undermining of erotic confidence due to the infidelity creating damage between both parties.  According to Dr. … Read more

Ashley Madison Clients – Disclosure vs. Discovery

Ashley Madison Clients – Disclosure vs. Discovery.  With over 36 million users it was no surprise to me when during the past few weeks couples have come into my office with stress and anxiety due to the latest and ongoing Ashley Madison scandal hacks.  With more and more names being exposed recent clientele state they … Read more

What To Do When You’ve Been Caught Cheating

What To Do When You’ve Been Caught Cheating.  In working with couples in Affair Recovery I refer to the person who cheated as the Affair Partner and the person who was cheated on as the Hurt Partner.  As a Marriage Counselor I see couples whose affair has just been discovered or in other words they’ve … Read more

Is Your Partner Cheating?

Think your partner is cheating?  There are certain red flags that often signal a partner could be having an affair.  When your everyday predictable partner who spends most of his time in T-shirts and old jeans all of a sudden starts working out more and buys expensive fashionable outfits, red flags should go up.  Also … Read more