Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

Back To School – Reclaim Your Intimacy

Back To School – Reclaim Your Intimacy.  Summer’s over and it’s time to concentrate on “us”.  With the completion of Labor Day, Summer is officially over.  The new school year has begun.  The children are no longer around to act as a diversion to you and your spouse spending one on one time together.  Summer … Read more

Dating Tips For Singles In San Diego

Dating Tips For Singles In San Diego.  Dating isn’t as easy as it appears.  Interacting with people can be quite nerve-racking.  It can be uncomfortable and devastating to even begin a conversation.  If you didn’t have anyone role model or teach you how to interact with someone you’re interested in how would you know what … Read more

Is Your Relationship Romantic Enough?

Is Your Relationship Romantic Enough?  Remember when you and your partner were first dating? Things were new and exciting.  There was a great deal of effort being put forth to keep each other interested.  Over a period of time, long-term relationships can experience lack of fulfillment as boredom can set in after the “honeymoon period.” … Read more

Sex No Matter What Your Age

Sex No Matter What Your Age.  Sex is not only for the young.  With better understanding and an open mind sex for us “Baby Boomers” can continue to be physically and emotionally fulfilling.  I’m going to be sixty years old next year and just like everyone else in my age bracket I worry about sex in … Read more

Do You “Come” As You Are?

Do You “Come” As You Are?  The book entitled “Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski is a New York bestseller that sheds new science that transforms women’s sex lives.  It gives us all a newfound awareness about and respect for everyone’s sexual autonomy.  What works to maximize a woman’s sexual well-being is not the … Read more

Top Fantasies For Men And Women

Top Fantasies For Men And Women. It can be scary sharing fantasies as doing so makes you vulnerable with the risk taking of opening yourself up to where you could end up feeling a little bit embarrassed afterward. Sharing fantasies with your partner creates a more connected, more vital and erotic sex life. Even if you’ve been too … Read more

Are You Sharing Fantasies With Your Partner?

Are You Sharing Fantasies With Your Partner?  Studies indicate couples who regularly indulge in sharing and/or acting out their fantasies with one another tend to have a solid, happy and pleasurable relationship.  Sharing your fantasies with your partner is a healthy step in creating a long-lasting and passionate relationship.  It’s important to develop your own … Read more

Got Enough Passion In Your Relationship?

Got Enough Passion In Your Relationship?  A healthy and satisfying relationship includes love, intimacy, commitment, and passion. Without passion, you might not have a romantic relationship as much as you have a friendship.  Passion involves strong feelings of enthusiasm, joy, and powerful or compelling feelings of love and desiring. You don’t have to experience fireworks … Read more

Sex And Being A Single Parent

Sex And Being A Single Parent.  Married couples sometimes find it difficult to squeeze sex into their busy schedules but can you imagine being a single parent having to manage all that married couples do to maintain their household, and date and have sex at the same time?  A recent survey showed that compared with coupled … Read more

Why Some Women Wear Makeup

Why Some Women Wear Makeup.  Like my past blogs, entitled, “Why Some Women Wear Red Lipstick” and “Why Some Women Wear High Heels”, I’m sharing my perspective on why some women wear makeup, myself included.  Depending on how little girls were raised, wearing makeup can be encouraged or discouraged.  In my case, my mother didn’t … Read more