Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

The “I’m Not In Love With You” Statement

The I love you, but, “I’m Not In Love With You” Statement.  Couples often come into Marriage Counseling with many different reasons why they don’t get along. Communication is a big issue as most people are unable to say what they need to say to one another.  They could be conflict avoidant, meaning rather than … Read more

Why Some Women Wear Makeup

Why Some Women Wear Makeup.  Like my past blogs, entitled, “Why Some Women Wear Red Lipstick” and “Why Some Women Wear High Heels”, I’m sharing my perspective on why some women wear makeup, myself included.  Depending on how little girls were raised, wearing makeup can be encouraged or discouraged.  In my case, my mother didn’t … Read more

Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries in Relationships.  Learning to have healthy boundaries is an appropriate part of a stable relationship. It means coming to know ourselves and increasing our awareness of what we stand for. It also means self-acceptance and knowing that we are OK as we are and worthy of good things in life. When two people with … Read more

Relationships And The New Year 2017

Relationships And The New Year 2017.  With every New Year, there tends to be a New Year’s resolution.  As a Marriage Counselor, the New Year brings in couples who are either ending their relationships or couples who are starting new ones. The past year gave those ending their relationship a chance to think about whether … Read more

Warning Signs You’re With An Unavailable Person

Warning Signs You’re With An Unavailable Person.  As a Couples Counselor I work with men and women who say they want to be in a relationship and eventually want to be married.  Some of these individuals happen to be with people who are already married, have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or who don’t want to … Read more

Your Relationship Is Like a Broadway Play

Your Relationship Is Like a Broadway Play.  It’s great news for actors to get a great role on Broadway and star in a play that lasts for years.  But here’s the bad news: when they play a demanding role six times a week for several years, the part can get stale. When performers start sleep … Read more

Valentine’s Day For The New Relationship

Valentine’s Day For The New Relationship.  As a Couples Counselor in private practice for over 20 years I’ve helped many relationships during this romantic yet somewhat highly commercialized day of expectations for what to do on Valentine’s Day.  Even when you’ve been in a long term relationship preparing for the day can be challenging.  What … Read more

Starting The New Year With A Breakup

Starting The New Year With A Breakup.  The beginning of a new year is typically the time when couples either want to become engaged or separate and divorce.  As a Marriage Counselor January 1st is an important deadline for starting or ending relationships.  Breaking up, separation, and divorce can be devastating.  It can also provide … Read more

The New Year’s Eve Kiss

The New Year’s Eve kiss.  Whether you ring in the new year watching the Times Square ball drop from your living room or toasting champagne at an upscale establishment, tradition makes a case for celebrating the new year with people you love.  According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a … Read more

Sex After 50

Sex After 50.  As we grow older it becomes a bit more difficult to keep things hot in the bedroom.  I for one, can personally relate.  If you’v been married to the same partner for a long period of time it becomes even more of a challenge.  As a Marriage Counselor I see older couples … Read more