Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

People Who Dump and The People Who Get Dumped

People Who Dump and The People Who Get Dumped AKA The Dumpers and The Dumpees.  Breakups are easiest for couples who decide mutually to end the relationship.  In most cases when a relationship ends there typically is a person who initiates the breakup and a person who wants the relationship to continue, referred to as … Read more

Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries in Relationships.  Learning to have healthy boundaries is an appropriate part of a stable relationship. It means coming to know ourselves and increasing our awareness of what we stand for. It also means self-acceptance and knowing that we are OK as we are and worthy of good things in life. When two people with … Read more

Why Do Women Wear Red Lipstick

Why Do Women Wear Red Lipstick.  Here’s an article that gives the history of women and the wearing of lipstick that I found quite interesting as I believe wearing the color says something different about each person on any given occasion.  Check out the history at to get a better appreciation of how lipstick shaped our … Read more

Stress Free Valentine’s Day Tips 2017

Stress-free Valentine’s Day tips 2017.  Working as a Marriage Counselor for over 23 years, I’ve noticed some married couples tend to downplay Valentine’s Day.  It could be because they’ve been married for so long they may unknowingly be taking each other for granted.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they are receiving counseling. When talking to … Read more

Why Women Cheat

Why Women Cheat.  There are various reasons why men and women cheat.  The main reason women cheat is due to a lack of emotional disconnection or feeling of neglect within their own relationship.  In many cases of infidelity, it is about feeling emotionally connected to someone.  It is how that woman feels in that relationship. … Read more

Warning Signs You’re With An Unavailable Person

Warning Signs You’re With An Unavailable Person.  As a Couples Counselor I work with men and women who say they want to be in a relationship and eventually want to be married.  Some of these individuals happen to be with people who are already married, have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or who don’t want to … Read more

Infidelity Knows No Boundaries

Infidelity Knows No Boundaries.  It’s all over the news and media that Donald Trump intends to smear Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by dredging up her husband’s past infidelities while he doesn’t even have a clean slate when it comes to faithfulness in marriage.  As the information reads, Trump too has had an infidelity in the form … Read more

How To Reignite Your Sex Life

How To Reignite Your Sex Life.  According to Sexperts (sex experts) relationships are always hot and heavy in the beginning.  When the Honeymoon Phase has runs its course long-term relationships experience a lull in the bedroom.  As a Marriage Counselor working with couples for 21 years people come into see me seeking help to revitalize … Read more

Are You In An Abusive Relationship?

Are You In An Abusive Relationship?  Last week I wrote about unhealthy relationships and red flags or warning signs that should not be ignored.  As a Marriage Counselor I work with couples who are in relationships where they are either unaware of the red flags or are in denial of the abusive behavior they are … Read more

Signs You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

Signs You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship.  In my last blog I listed some basic expectations that are appropriate and healthy for being in a relationship.  Without putting in place good boundaries and setting limits relationships can become controlling and destructive.  We all hear about Red Flags or warning signs that become detrimental to relationships … Read more