Sex on the Beach Isn't just a Cocktail for my Couples

The New School Year and Your Relationship….Learn Something New

The New School Year and Your Relationship….Learn Something New.  School has started.  Summer vacation is over and you’re back to your normal routine. That fabulous family vacation was wonderful except you felt no connection with your husband/wife.  The kids had fun but what about you?  Just thinking about that same old routine is making you feel really desperate and lonely.  Do you think your spouse is thinking the same way?  Do you and your spouse go through the motions but don’t really feel that spark any longer?

I work with couples who after so many years of being together have lost their individual selves in their relationship.  They have concentrated on meeting everybody’s needs but their own.  Does this sound like you?  Did you know that in every relationship their exists a “ME?”  The “WE” in a relationship can never be quite satisfied until that “ME” has fulfilled certain stages throughout their  life span.

I work within a Developmental Model and I help couples understand that the first step to finding a healthy relationship is to first develop a healthy Sense of Self.  In other words, there is a starting point to finding your soul mate.  You need to find YOURSELF first and determine what you are all about.  Allow me to help you go through the steps in finding out just who you are and what kind of “ME”  you are bringing into your relationship.  Call me at (858) 735-1139 for more information about the Developmental Model and how I get it to work for you.  Happy beginning of the school year to you.  Let’s learn something new!