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Tips For Planning A Stress Free Party

Tips For Planning A Stress Free Party.  Planning a Fabulous Party can be stress free.  Whenever I give a party the feedback I receive is so validating and makes having the event so worthwhile.  I like making people happy which in turn makes me feel good.  But as you know to make a party fabulous there is allot of planning involved.  The planning doesn’t have to be tedious and stressful but you do need to pay attention to your preparations.  So here are a few tips I use to prepare:

1.  Fancy touches

– Crystal dishes make a great impression.  Fill them with appetizers you buy from the grocery store so you don’t slave over the kitchen and tire yourself out.

– Get creative with the decorations.  Accents, including paper star ornaments, wall confetti, festive drink stirrers, sea shells, streamers, flowers, etc. add to make any party festive. (Going to any party supply store can give you great ideas)

– For Valentine’s Day use baked goodies, cards, candies and candles as center pieces or center piece accents to spread the colors throughout the room.

2.  Food selection

– Some of your friends will have special dietary needs, others are just picky.  With food it’s best to keep it simple and delicious.  It’s important to remember your vegan friends and ensure they have foods to enjoy, as well.  Purchasing food then enhancing with your own touches makes for semi-homemade dishes.

3.  Background music

– Develop a playlist and keep the music going for ambiance and keeping guest comfortable.

4.  To Do List

– Keep a to do list handy (or use Post-it notes) around the house to remind you of tasks you need to complete before guest arrive.

5.  Keep dishwasher unloaded

– Unload your machine to help prepare for the dirty dishes to come.

6.  Bathrooms

–  Make sure your bathrooms have lovely looking towels hanging, a lit candle (safely lit), and nice aroma.


7.  Stay calm

– I don’t know about you but I experience anxiety during good times and stressful times….so stay calm, don’t yell at your husband, and try and enjoy the moment.

Remember planning and hosting a party is suppose to be a nice experience. Recommended to help heighten mild depressive symptoms not make you more stressed out and overwhelmed.  Stay calm and enjoy the party.

If you would like help planning your next event with little anxiety and stress please do not hesitate to contact me at (858) 735-1139.