8 Fun Things I Like To Do On Dates

8 Fun Things I Like To Do On Dates.  As a Couples Therapist I always recommend Date Nights.  With the everyday details of life with childcare, paying of bills, house cleaning, self-care, and whatever else consumes your week, it’s very important that couples take care of their relationship.  Whether you’ve been married for years or are going on a date for the first time here are eight fun things I like to do on dates:

1.   Go to a restaurant with a view – where the ambiance is conducive to listening to music playing in the background.  A place that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

2.  Cook and eat restaurant – for interactive fun and plenty to eat.  Talking about the experience afterwards is always a pleasure.

3.  The Z00 – a casual place for guaranteed fun as there is lots to see and plenty of opportunity to snack.

4.   A picnic – whether outdoors during the summer or indoors during colder weather in front of a fire….and don’t forget the wine or champagne to make it romantic.

5.   Ceramics class – where you can get a little messy and not worry about having to act so perfect.  There’s also a souvenir of your date as the finished product.

6.   Cooking class – For people who like to socialize with other people and enjoy good food.

7.   Dancing – or take a dance class so you can go dancing on your next date.

8.   Amusement Parks – If you want a more thrilling experience.


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