10 Signs You’re Headed for Burnout

10 Signs You’re Headed for Burnout.  A good friend and colleague, Carolyn Gross of Creative Life Solutions shares some burnout signs that I can totally relate to.  See if you are at risk by taking a look at some of these indicators.

1. You have given up on life balance.

2. You’re blaming others and not looking at your part in the situation.

3. Lowered self-confidence and self-esteem. The beast of burnout is winning the battle.

4. Ignoring health problems, optimism isn’t present, joy…what joy?

5. Difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep indicate your body’s homeostasis is off.

6. Creative problem solving used to be fun, easy, and challenging. Now it is stressful and burdensome.

7. Your own quality work/life standards are lower.

8. You have given up on your health regime; forgotten healthy fresh foods and moderate alcohol or caffeine consumption.

9. You overreact to simple slip-ups, your fuse is shorter and upsets take longer to get over.

10. Activities that used to give you pleasure such as gardening, watching your child’s sport’s game, church, or tinkering in the garage, become chores.


We all go through life with ebbs and flows.  Sometimes the ebbs are more frequent than the flows.  As a Marriage Counselor I help men and women through the best and worst times of their lives.  For some the worst of times look pretty dismal as they tend to lose interest in things that were once of value.  When these days become more often than not it is time to take inventory and see what it is not working and make adjustments.  As a Couples Counselor I help people recognize how they tend to overfunction in their relationships and how this can make for resentment towards these loved ones.  Balance is the key to preventing and overcoming burnout.  Concentrate on yourself and what makes you happy and calm.  Incorporate fun things in your day/week to keep you from feeling burned out so you can continue to appropriately give to those you care about.

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