A Marriage Counselor Tells Her Story

A Marriage Counselor Tells Her Story

We’re proud to launch Sarah’s book. It debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller in her category, as well as #1 New Release.

For Sarah Ruggera’s birthday, she received a cake in the shape of her book that was just launched.

I think it looks delicious—both as a cake and a book.

A Marriage Counselor Tells Her Story

Her book, Happy Me, Happy We: 6 Steps to know yourself so you know what you want in a relationship, is about finding happiness in yourself before finding happiness in a relationship—especially if you’re already married.

In her book, Sarah, a San Diego marriage therapist, tells some heartbreaking, tough and inspiring stories.

In particular, we share what I call her Expert Origin Story™. Just as every great comic book superhero has an origin story that launches them to greatness, so does every entrepreneur and visionary.

In an Expert Origin Story™ we show an author’s most vulnerable moment, which launched their journey to mastery. The lessons the shero learns along the way form the key points of the book.

In Sarah’s Expert Origin Story™, she tells how she came home one day to an empty house, with a note from her husband saying he needed time away from her.

Enraged, she stalked him at his office, hunted him down at his hotel and publicly abused him verbally for leaving her. Despite a reconciliation, they divorced. The devastation and shame launched her on a quest for introspection and therapy about how to have happiness within regardless of a spouse.

Twenty-five years later, she is a renowned marriage therapist, specializing in affairs intervention. Her book shares her no-nonsense methods for happiness in life and marriage.  As a therapist, she has helped over 2,000 couples regain joy and fulfillment.

Sarah’s stories of her clients provide a riveting narrative. But it’s her Expert Origin Story™ that creates a powerful emotional bond with her audience.

Helen Chang
CEO and  Editorial Director
Author Bridge Media



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