Take Time For Your Relationships

Here it is….another school year.  Labor Day is just around the corner.  Summer has ended.  The kids are back in school. Vacations are a thing of the past.  Hopefully you made nice picture albums to memorialize all the fun you had with the children and whoever else visited you during the summer break.  With all the commotion of kids home and summer activities, it was easy not to concentrate on your relationships…..or conveniently neglect it.  Kids can be a diversion in keeping you from being intimate with your partner.  Not just the physical intimacy but for most males, and females too, that is an important part of a healthy and happy relationship.  I’m talking about the emotional connectedness that comes with mindful and regular attention paid in making your partnership a working relationship outside “family obligations.”  The Romantic partnership rather than the Companionship Roommate you know the two of you have become good at as you’ve had years of practice.

Isn’t it time to make that conscious decision to enhance what you know you want?  A relationship that has the zest of how new lovers feel.  I realize we are all busy with the Details of Life.  In Couples Counseling I recommend making a date with your partner for sex.  Sex dates are an important part of creating spontaneity and special time in your relationship.  As a Couples Counselor I help Couples show each other that commitment and intention to your partnership adds a caring and more erotic element to your connection.  And, ironically, spontaneity only happens when you PLAN it!

I will talk more about the SEX DATE in my next Blog so be sure to check in.

Thank you.



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