Can Sex Help Shed Pounds?

Can Sex Help Shed Pounds?  It’s going to take more than holding hands to see results.  A new study proves that sex can burn more calories than some workouts.  Despite the fact that sex is an activity done lying down, the University of Quebec found that it’s actually a respectable calorie burner.  The study is said to burn 3 to 4.5 calories a minute and more, depending on how vigorous the sex is. Writer for Self Magazine Jessica Knoll wanted to put the study to the test.  So she and her workout partner (her husband) decided to go for the burn.


She cranked out 3 sets of 10 push-ups while on oral duty, pausing between sets to give her guns a rest and to work her abs by holding a plank.  Her arms were trembling, and a thin film of sweat covered her pits and upper lip.  She claimed it was difficult being sexy.

She then proceeded to do some leg work.  She positioned a yoga mat near the kitchen counter.  Her husband lay on it and she crouched over his lap, her feet on either side of is hips, her back to him.  She pressed the timer on her watch and held on to the counter while she did some mini-squats for 60 seconds.

They proceeded to the bedroom for the abs portion of the workout.  Her husband stood at the foot of the bed while she stuck her legs straight up in the air, holding a medicine ball above her head.  As her husband thrust she crunched and bicycled and scissored her ankles until her abs were screaming.

To finish she synced her watch to a heart-rate monitor and went for the “O.”  She started out a 59 beats per minute, and the first “O” brought that to 127.  She states it takes running on a treadmill at a 7.7 on a 3 percent incline for a minute to get her heart rate that high.  It dropped down to the 80s, then climbed up to 117 again with “O” number two.  The whole experiment took 40 minutes which means she burned closed to 180 calories.  She claims her arms and lower abs were sore later affirming that sex isn’t a bad way to incorporate a weekly workout.

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