What Turns Men Off

What Turns Men Off.  There are certain things women do to make a man feel attracted to them.  And there are things women do to turn them off.  Do you ever wonder why your first date never turned into a second date?  Or why your guy broke it off with you when things looked like they were going just fine.  Most women are clueless to answer those questions as they unknowingly play a role in the downhill spiral of their relationships. Men are simple creatures and don’t require much in keeping them happy.  If you allow them to exhibit some male chivalry every now and then and show appreciation and thankfulness in return, they will respect and value you more.  Once they decide to make that commitment you will have the relationship that can grow into something meaningful.  Some things women do that are turn-offs for men:

  1. Try and change them.
  2. Have sex with them on the first date.
  3. Talk way too much.  Includes gossiping. talking about reality TV shows and anything trivial to excess.
  4. Show disloyalty.  Cheating, exercising bad behavior towards males or females.
  5. Not letting him be “the man.”  Alpha females are great, but ladies, let the guy be the man most of the time.
  6. Not saying what they mean.  Poor communication skills.  Saying yes when you really mean no. Passive-Aggressive behavior shows immaturity and lack of effective communication skills.
  7. Being too needy.  Have a life of your own.  Don’t expect to do everything together. Remember you are an Individual within the relationship.  You’re more attractive to him that way.
  8. Wearing too much make-up or perfume.
  9. Are “flaky.”  When you commit to something follow through.  Don’t keep changing your mind about things.  Being fickle doesn’t work these days….you appear flaky and not attractive.

  1. Play hard to get.  Play games in general.  Being immature.  Men want to be with women.  Act like a child and you’ll probably end up with a parent for a boyfriend.
  2. Drinks too much.  No one, not even women want an “alc” for a partner.  Drink in moderation so you don’t embarrass yourself or your partner.
  3. And finally, afraid or shy to eat in front of them.  Shows a lack of self-confidence, or worse, acting coy which contrary to what women may think is not “cute!


I can personally say I have been guilty of 11 out the 12 tips shared.  I’ve had my share of unexpected breakups and wondering “what the heck happened.”  I’ve worked with Individuals and Couples in Couples Counseling for the past 24 years and know what works and what doesn’t. Despite the fact that we are all different and unique in our own ways there are Do’s and Don’ts for both genders. The above are helpful tips for women to think about as they continue interacting with men.  How many of the above have you been guilty of?

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