Cheaters Exposed On Ashley Madison And Possible Other On-Line Cheating Sites

Cheaters Exposed On Ashley Madison And Possible Other On-Line Cheating Sites.  On July 20, 2015, the website KrebsOnSecurity(link is external reported that Ashley Madison (AM), a website and smartphone app developed to engage married people in having affairs, has been hacked.  The hackers have names, credit card information and detailed profiles of AM’s approximately 37.5 million members (yes….37.5  million members) and will release all unless the site is immediately and permanently shut down.   Although Ashley Madison states they have secured the site the damage has already been done.  The hackers are posting the information at their leisure and are creating some major problems for people all over the Country.  Some of this data has already been released with more threatened for each day that the site remains online.

If you are one of the 37.5 million members and information becomes discovered by any of your loved ones or people who know you it would be best not to make the situation worse by continuing to lie about what you have done.  As a Licensed Marriage Counselor specializing in Affair Recovery I highly recommend you:

  1.  Remain calm.  Normalize your emotions –  but don’t ignore your feelings, be in denial about the reality of the situation or make things worse by telling everyone you know that your husband/wife is a lying cheating adulterer.
  1.  Give each other some space – don’t get into each other’s face and start judging and criticizing as this won’t get you any further than creating even more bad feelings.  State you both need time away from each other to talk to a Marriage Counselor who specializes in Affair Recovery to obtain the appropriate information in moving forward for any discussion.
  1. Don’t rush into talking about the details – wait until you get into Marriage Counseling as the Marriage Counselor will help guide you so that you receive the information to make moving forward helpful.
  1.  Seek professional help with a Marriage Counselor who specializes in working with Infidelity and Affair Recovery so you don’t waste precious time working with someone who means well but does not have the specific training to effectively move your relationship forward.
  2. And remember affairs don’t always mean you end up divorcing/breaking up for good.

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