Couples and Pet Names

Couples and Pet Names.  Why Couples Don’t Use Pet Names.  When I was in my late teens up until my mid thirties I never thought to call my then boyfriend who eventually became my first husband, a pet name.  A cute name that would show affection and endearment.  To hear other couples refer to one another as “Honey,” “Hon,””Babe,” or “Sweetie,” would make me feel awkward or silly.  Thinking it was weird, weak, or stupid.  Not only did I not use a pet name, I called my husband by his last name throughout our entire relationship.  He thought it was cute, but, it didn’t do anything for our intimacy as time went by.  Little did I know my resistance to wanting to use pet names was a means of avoiding “Intimacy” and being “vulnerable.”

Top ten pet names ranked in highest popular order: Darling, Babe/Baby, Love, Sweetheart, Gorgeous, Honey/Hun, Sweetie, Angel, Sugar, Boo, and Muffin.

Strong relationships often have an inside language where a cute name represents a bond of closeness.   Calling each other a pet name shows positive communication on a daily basis and keeps the romance alive and strong as a result.  If your partner suddenly stops calling you by your pet name that could be an indicator something needs fixing.  Similar to when a child is in trouble and suddenly their parent calls them by their first and last name.  Pet names are a good way to feel special with one another helping the relationship develop the intimacy necessary to deepen the connection between the two.

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