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Couples Counseling

Sarah Cook Ruggera’s website provides marriage counseling in San Diego. She also offers a variety of other services such as infidelity and affair recovery, LGBTQ counseling, parenting, and much more. She has been in private practice since 1994 and focuses on dynamic results-oriented therapists teaching and utilizing innovative tools that have garnished successful results over the years. Since each client is different, she uses an individualized approach that caters to everyone’s personal needs. Because of her approach and techniques, her practice has helped many couples get back on track.

  • Is It Difficult To Talk Without Fighting?
  • Do other people seem more attractive to you than your partner?
  • Have you thought, said or heard, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore”?
  • Is there a shutdown in communication and connection?
  • Has an affair already happened?

If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, Couples Counseling would be the first step in making a noticeable adjustment. Many times people don’t realize that feelings of love can be rekindled with fresh skills for communicating, different ways of seeing each other, and a renewed commitment to the relationship.

The beginning of any relationship is the easiest. You get along fabulously with little effort. This is what some people call the “honeymoon phase” where there is a feeling of oneness and infatuation.

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“Where to begin?  Sarah is your premier go-to gal in achieving the best counseling necessary for overall wellness.  She is the absolute best at helping people achieve what is most important to them and for that I truly appreciate her and all of her help.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting Sarah!”

As time goes on they enter into the “conflict phase,” where each person realizes all is not perfect and start to look at their differences and respond to them in ways that trigger their own personal issues learned from ways that are familiar to them. It is how they manage these responses that predict whether or not the relationship will move forward in a happy way or continue struggling.

Why Our Couples Counseling?

As a Marriage and Couples Counselor in San Diego, I help couples improve their relationships by improving their Individual Selves. By listening to each partner’s concerns and identifying the problem areas I am able to identify what the possible triggers are that affect the relationship issues. By helping each partner understand each other’s concerns and communicate them to one another they can appreciate how those triggers can create miscommunication and affect their end result.

As your Couples Counselor, I will help you develop a Moving Forward Plan designed with specific goals to stabilize and correct your problem areas. You will acquire the appropriate tools for achieving the goals in your plan.

As I work in a very direct but sensitive manner, therapy with me doesn’t have to be long-term as I offer effective strategies in solving problems.  Putting systems into place is key to stabilizing the relationship so that you can have an objective space in which to interact, utilize your acquired tools, and implement the process for becoming more happy and content with one another.

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