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Couples Intensive

  • No time for weekly therapy?
  • Marriage/Relationship in crisis mode?
  • Resolve conflict, work through affairs, increase sexual intimacy, improve communication

Couples Intensive

“Sarah Cook Ruggera is an amazing therapist.  If your relationship needs help, then please don’t wait.  Sarah is compassionate, effective and is a joy to know and work with.  Sarah will help you get to the core of the issue, listen easily to both points of view and help you get to the relationship you want and deserve.  Call her today. – Director Orange County Relationship Center”

What is a Couples Intensive?

Intensives are 3 hour sessions designed for couples wanting a counseling experience that is deeper and more comprehensive than that which may be experienced in weekly counseling sessions. Breaks and refreshments are provided every hour for your convenience.

An intensive is an in-depth intervention to create dramatic and long-lasting shifts in your relationship where you acquire valuable tools needed to move you forward with creating the life you want with your partner and resolve conflict more effectively.

We can focus on special issues and problem areas such as:

  • Communication and Conflict Repair
  • Intimacy and Connection
  • Emotional Closeness and Passion
  • Affair Recovery
  • Infidelity Disclosure
  • Sexual Desire Issues
  • Pornography and Internet Abuse
  • Sexual Addiction or Compulsion
  • Open Marriage or Polyamory Issues
  • Separation and Divorce Coaching
  • New Monogamy Visions

Everyone has their own concept of what “monogamy” means—and most people assume their partners and spouses are on the same page. Couples may assume that they are monogamous, but never discuss exactly what the monogamy agreement means to them. What happens when this implicit agreement is broken? After infidelity, relationships can become strained as both partners lose trust and faith in each other. The New Monogamy offers a way out of these difficulties for couples struggling to stay together, especially after infidelity. In Couples Intensive, couples make these implicit assumptions and agreements explicit so that each partner knows exactly what is expected of them in the future and what they can expect from their partner.

Counseling helps regain the trust, romance, and intimacy after infidelity by redefining the monogamy contract. The new monogamy contract is an explicit relationship agreement created after the affair that allows each partner to openly, honestly, and safely share their desires, expectations, and limitations. This agreement by no means creates an open marriage, but rather, an open conversation wherein each partner can have a say in setting the ground rules for their relationship. Separation or divorce doesn’t always have to be the outcome of an affair. Developing a new relationship, however, is necessary to move forward.

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