Detox For Divorce

Detox For Divorce.  Your divorce is almost final and you want a fresh outlook on life.  Start off by getting yourself back in shape so you not only feel good but look hot to boot.  Let’s begin with a 7-day detox that’s not too difficult to do where you can find inner peace and drop 2 – 3 pounds this week.  Repeat the plan if you want to lose more weight by following a clean-eating plan and slower-paced workout to re-energize your routine.  During this week you are to take your workouts down a notch so that your body is in active-recovery mode.  Non-taxing cardio, yoga and stretches will flush out toxins and rejuvenate your body so when you turn up the intensity again, you’re primed to sculpt, burn and recover faster.


1.   Sweat.  Do 30 – 60 minutes of light cardio three days before toning exercises.

2.   Tone up.  Daily; complete each of the four moves, shifting smoothly from part A to B and back again.  Repeat.

3.   Go Vegetarian.

4.   Start with a smoothie.  350 calorie breakfast shake


5.   Eat clean.  Lunch 450 calories; Dinner 500 calories

6.   Cut out added sugar and alcohol.

7.   Enjoy indulgences.  Have a couple 150 calorie snacks daily.  These keep your metabolism up and you won’t feel deprived and fatigued.

8.   Meditate.  Quiet your mind.  Stress can affect your muscles and spike the hormone Cortisol which leads to belly fat.  So changing your body you have to change your mind, as well.  Take 10 minutes to sit with your eyes closed and focus on breathing.  Exhale through your nose.  Exhaling should take twice as long as inhaling.


9.   Sleep.  7 – 8 hours per night will help keep your waistline trim.  An Obesity study report has shown women who slept an average of 6 hours or less gained more than 2 inches over 6 years.

10.  Finally, don’t forget to post your new hot body on social media so that your “ex” is green with envy.


Revenge can do a lot to get your body back to how it used to be before you were stuck in that rut of a marriage and dealing with all the stressors of an unhealthy relationship.  Having a positive self image is a good start. For more information on life after Divorce please contact me at (858) 735-1139



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