Got Enough Passion In Your Relationship?

Got Enough Passion In Your Relationship?  A healthy and satisfying relationship includes love, intimacy, commitment, and passion. Without passion, you might not have a romantic relationship as much as you have a friendship.  Passion involves strong feelings of enthusiasm, joy, and powerful or compelling feelings of love and desiring. You don’t have to experience fireworks or the earth moving when you have sex but it is important to feel a sense of emotional connection where you want “to want” to be with your partner. You’re with your partner because you choose to be not because you “have” to be. Sometimes people are in relationships because it is comfortable and safe.  Of course, there can be passion with comfort.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with couples who say they love their partners but don’t feel they are “in love” with them.  Some say they never felt the “in love” feeling. Others state the passion existed during the beginning of the relationship then dissipated as the years went by.  Many say after the children were born sex and intimacy (the emotional connection) became a low priority.  A healthy sex life is important to a relationship.  To maintain that connection takes time, commitment and open communication, as well as energy.


In Couples Counseling I help couples who have lost that connection develop and enhance communication skills so they know how to initiate conversation, share thoughts and feelings and ask for what they need and want from each other. Asking for what they want in their day to day lives makes their relationship more functional and deepens intimacy.  They learn to talk about what they like and don’t like in and out of the bedroom. Being able to take risks in asking for what they want develops a deeper level of intimacy as emotional risk-taking makes us all vulnerable and vulnerability opens us up to being more passionate.  I believe passion exists between couples who are able to express their authentic selves to one another without feeling any repercussions of being judged or criticized.  Especially when expressing their erotic selves whether that be in making love, having sex or just plain fucking. Knowing what feels good to you and being able to articulate that to your partner with confidence will bring you the passion you desire in bed.  Knowing what you need and want to make your partnership more functional and being able to communicate that to your partner where you receive the results you desire will undoubtedly give you enough passion for sustaining the life of your relationship.

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