Are You Getting The Sex You Want?

Getting the sex you want.  Are You Getting The Sex You Want?  Over the past 20 years while working with couples I have observed couples having a greater likelihood of staying together when they improve their sexual communication skills.  Learning to communicate about sex can help you become a better lover and deepen the passion between you and your partner.  Some couples come in having what they refer to as “vanilla” sex.  They say it was good at the beginning of their relationship but want something more to spice things up.  Others come in with an already established “erotic” life but want to push the limits even further.  Wherever you lie on the sex spectrum following some simple directives can add variety to your sex and increase your sex drive for an even more intimate connection.

If you aren’t in the habit about talking to your partner about your fantasies then who do you talk to them about?  Whoever is the recipient of those kinds of discussions is the one you will eventually establish the emotional/sexual connection with.  Talking about your innermost secrets makes you vulnerable.  Being vulnerable means you take risks in sounding or appearing “real or genuine.”  Often times people don’t want to appear “real” as they want to look like someone or something else.  A better or more perfect version of themselves.  When they do that they not only deceive themselves but are not truthful to whoever they are talking to, often times the person they want to become their intimate partner.  When you can be honest and forthcoming  about thoughts and feelings you become a better communicator.  When you can share your sexual expectations and fantasies with your partner you get the sex you want.

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