Home And Sanity For The Holidays

Home And Sanity For The Holidays.

Here it is…The Holidays.  The most “Wonderful Time of the Year.”  For most couples it is a time filled  with family get togethers, shopping, wrapping gifts, visiting in-laws, kids home from school, and dealing with whatever personal issue you may be experiencing.  Can make for a very “stressful” period of time, to say the least.  And then you add the office and friend’s parties; mix that with exhaustion, the cold weather….and bingo….you’ve got the Flu on top of everything else.  It doesn’t have to be as dismal as I make it sound.  The good news is… YOU do have CONTROL over what you do.  You don’t have to do EVERYTHING.

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Here are some 5 Tips to staying sane during the Holidays:

1.  Be Realistic – share your expectations with your partner and have them share theirs with you.

2.  Compromise – If  you cannot agree with what you both want then compromise and ensure both needs are able to be met.

3.  Plan ahead – doing things last minute is neither fun nor appropriate and makes for a disastrous outcome.

4.  Ignore grouchy people – just stay away from them!

5.  Don’t spend too much money – You’ll regret if after the Season and become one of those grouchy people.

By the way, if you haven’t already, try and create your own Holiday traditions.  If you didn’t like them or they didn’t work for you this year, then try something else the following year.  This is your life, do what you will with it.

Happy Holidays everybody.




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