I Can’t Adult Today

I Can’t Adult Today.  Do you have days where you just want to concentrate on yourself for a change.  As a mother, wife, doggy mom, therapist and caretaker to extended family, I can become overwhelmed by the minutiae of everyday life.  I wrote an article about self-care and instill some the of the tips to manage my feelings of anxiety and frustration.

As a Marriage Counselor and mental health provider, I listen to problems on a daily basis.  That coupled with my own challenges throughout the week can become very tiresome.  I’m a Type A personality so I like things in order with no loose ends.  And of course, life is full of loose ends.

When I don’t take the time for self-care I am a person who “acts out” all kinds of emotions.  Acting out is an inappropriate way to express thoughts and feelings.  I call them “adult tantrums.”  You should see what I look like when I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety.  My family walks on eggshells when I’m in a mood.  I’m sure you can relate to similar situations.  Behaving like an adult is difficult to do when you’re tired, hungry, resentful, sad, etc.  Not getting my needs and wants met makes me bitter and resentful.

The day-to-day demands of life are put in perspective when I’m able to concentrate on myself for a day or two by asking those who care about me to concentrate on themselves.  I am able to re-frame negative situations and put a positive spin on them to reduce anxiety.

Behaving like an adult during strenuous times takes patience, self-awareness, and effective communication.  It’s also a matter of choice to “act out” or behave appropriately.  Of course, none of us is perfect, however, being able to self-regulate keeps us from having meltdowns and maintaining goodwill in our relationships.

Taking a break from everyday responsibilities isn’t easy.   Don’t beat yourself up by being a “hero.”  Ask for what is needed to help make your day a little more manageable.  You have a right to time to yourself.  Don’t forget that.  Contact me at (858) 735-1139 to talk more about self-care and managing inappropriate behaviors.



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