How to Keep a Happy Relationship

How to Keep a Happy Relationship. It’s important to know what you want so you know what you want in a relationship. Do you wonder how some couples stay married for several decades?  A developed sense of self can make better choices when looking for a life partner. When you listen to your intuition and follow up on it you are more likely to select the right partner. It’s important to be self-reflective and independent. There are two people with individual wants and needs in any relationship. Being independent in an interdependent relationship while getting each other’s needs met is the determining factor for a happy marriage. A happy marriage is what makes a “happily ever after” marriage.

What Keeps A Relationship Happy?  There’s an internet-based study of 2201 participants which was cited in Time Magazine that poses the question that has been asked by Couples for centuries.  How do you find Love and how do you make it last?

Relationships aren’t just about sex and good communication although that is a good place to start.

Scientists have found while both can have a big influence on a happy relationship, other factors such as knowing how they take their coffee or what their favorite food is, along with maintaining employment to be able to support oneself also matter.

Top 10 Areas Important To A Happy Relationship:

  1. Communication (free of criticism and contempt)

  2. Conflict resolution

  3. Sex or Romance

  4. Stress Management

  5. Life Skills

  6. Knowledge of Partner

  7. Self-Management

  8. Know Your Partner Well

  9. Know How To Make Them Feel Special

  10. Maintain Employment (self-sufficiency)

Couples were asked to rate the qualities they thought were vital to keeping a relationship healthy and happy.  They were then asked questions that tested their competency in these areas and were asked how satisfied they were in their relationships.

Researchers then correlated each partner’s strength and weaknesses in each area with their relationship satisfaction.

The study showed Couples who communicated the best reported having the most satisfied relationships. But knowledge of your partner which included knowing their favorite pizza toppings, as well as their future plans and holding down a job, were the next biggest factors rated just as important.

The study also showed men scoring low in the area of knowing their partners.  Robert Epstein, the lead author, suggests men write simple information about their partners to better learn and share with them what they have learned about them.

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