Laugh Therapy

Laugh Therapy. The other day I was in session with a couple who struggle with communication and power struggles. The wife complains her husband is controlling and the husband complains his wife overreacts. Another couple saw me for Affair Recovery where the husband had been cheating for several years and the wife had just discovered it. There was a client in my waiting room who had come 15 minutes early for her appointment. She didn’t know whether or not I was in session as she heard a lot of laughing. To her surprise that session was ending on a positive note.  Sometimes couples leave session either in tears or very upset. Laugh Therapy.


Laugh Therapy.

I’ve been a Marriage and Family Counselor for 25 years. Throughout my years I have used humor to make light of some very difficult issues. I do, however, take these issues with all seriousness and work to provide relief for those people. I tend to laugh a lot and use Laugh Therapy to help ease the anxiety of being in therapy and talking about some really hard stuff.  Laugh Therapy isn’t utilizing a clown it’s bringing in humor to try and normalize situations and calm nerves. Laugh Therapy isn’t an alternative to psychotherapy it is used in combination.

Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain. Laughter, it’s said, is the best medicine. For 25 years I’ve received great feedback about how I run my sessions. It comes naturally to me to laugh and make people laugh. I find it helps people relax enough to want to talk about their challenges.

Laugh Therapy.

When people laugh in session I know they are comfortable and the rapport building begins. Some days can look like I’m doing “stand up” comedy as jokes are directed toward specific incidences as I disclose some hilarious stories about my husband and children.

Laugh therapy helps reduce the negative effects of feeling unhealthy, out of control, afraid, or helpless, which are common problems seen in my practice. Laughter appears to change brain chemistry and may boost mental health.

Not all therapist are like me. I no longer use “old school” techniques where therapist nod their heads and ask you how you feel. People pay good money for therapy and they want results, as well, as feeling better and being able to make the needed changes.

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