Life Is A Moving Sidewalk

Life Is A Moving Sidewalk.  We’ve all been on a moving sidewalk at one time or another.  Airports have moving sidewalks as an option to getting to your gate.  Whenever I’m on one I think about life. Whether you decide to walk on it or not it keeps moving forward.  When I’m not in a hurry or tired I choose to ride and enjoy it.  When I’m not I walk alongside it watching people on it pass me by.  Just like the moving sidewalk, the details of life keep us moving no matter what the circumstances.   I think about times when I’ve experienced major obstacles where I become debilitated as stressors are often times difficult to manage.  I’ve thought about times where I handled the situation well and others not so well.

As a Marriage Counselor, I help my clients acquire coping skills to do just that.  I hear stories of trials and tribulations where the outcome can be positive or negative.  I believe we all have the choice to either move forward managing our difficulties or stop in our tracks and exercise learned helplessness and delay getting any relief.  I had a woman who was not doing well in her job.  Her employer tried to help her with what appeared to be a lack of motivation.  She claimed she was unhappy in her relationship because she thought she would be engaged to her partner by now.  Her employer gave her several weeks to make a turnaround and after many promises, the lack of progress turned into an unfortunate termination.  We discussed this in counseling and I utilized my metaphor about the moving sidewalk.  Life keeps going no matter what is thrown our way.  You just can’t stop doing what you know you need to do as life passes you by.  Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow.  Without the pain and discomfort from these challenges, we tend to become lackadaisical where the lack of enthusiasm to move forward can create a crippling disposition for us.


We all experience ups and downs.  Giving up or “acting out” never remedies the bad times.  In fact, it can make them worse.  Getting the help needed to manage depression and anxiety is good self-care.  There is no shame in talking to a Therapist or even getting the appropriate medication to assist in stabilization.  As a Marriage Counselor, I believe it is appropriate to rule out any physiological problems and see if medication can help during the counseling process.  Life is all about choices.  We can choose to do or not do.

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