Making Time For Yourself On Family Vacations

Making Time For Yourself On Family Vacations.  Every year my husband and daughter and I go away on a fabulous “once in a lifetime” vacation.  In the past we’ve been to Fiji, Bali, Maui, Thailand, Macchu Picchu, Alaska, Vienna, and most recently Australia.  Spending time with the family is a wonderful thing.  When on vacation do you ever think of spending some alone time away from hubby and children?  Time away from loved ones during a family vacation may seem unheard of and selfish but I believe it can be rejuvenating to the mind and soul making you a more alert and present spouse and parent.  My alone time is where I relax and concentrate on “me.”  I typically like sunning by the pool with a nice cool drink or listening to music in a lounge.  As a Marriage Counselor I talk all day long so during this time I like being silent and do some people watching.  I do as I “preach in my sessions” and “stay in the moment” enjoying my surroundings as I know it will liven up my spirits for when I go back to my “reality.”  My reality being the world filled with the people I love and cherish doing for them what can be deemed as stressful at times, but rewarding because that is what my life is all about.  Giving more than receiving.  Of course, if I don’t place the balance I need for “me” and my time that can’t happen.


This time also gives my husband and daughter time to bond and do things together they enjoy.  The time apart also gives everyone the space needed  for the opportunity to miss each other and appreciate what we all bring to the family.  As a Marriage Counselor I highly recommend husbands and wives give each other this space as time away from one another brings back that longing that was once there during the beginning of their relationship.

Keeping that balance between giving your all to your family and keeping peace within you is a matter of giving yourself the time needed to refresh your soul.  For more information about finding this balance please contact me at (858) 735-1139.


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