Marriage Counseling? What Can It Do For Your Marriage

What Marriage Counseling Can Do For Your Marriage.  Many people think seeking counseling is a shame, weakness, or failure.  Some say “we don’t need to air out our dirty laundry for others to know about.”  Others may want to remain in denial about their relationship and not want to address the problems that are affecting their lives.  And then there are those who are afraid to talk to someone about personal issues because they have never done so before or because it may really change the relationship for the better or the worse depending on what they want out of the process.  Marriage counseling is simply talking things out with an unbiased third person whose goal is to help improve your relationship.  Talk therapy and making some simple changes to the way you think and talk to each other can improve your marital situation significantly.  The process can help with experiencing common problems and difficulties such as feeling distant, difficulty in communicating or just not feeling the “in love” feeling anyone.

Marriage counseling helps couples develop and maintain happy, healthy, and loving relationships.  Common problems include:

1.  Communication Difficulties:  You feel your partner doesn’t hear you or understand you.  And it hurts.

2.  Infidelity or Affairs:  You just found out your partner has cheated on you and don’t know what to do now.  Can you regain trust and stay married after the affair?

3.  Arguing over the same things over and over again:  You keep hoping your partner will finally agree with you but the arguing escalates or one of you shuts down and withdraws into silence.

4.  Anxiety and Depression:  When you aren’t sure where you stand in your relationship, it can cause quite a bit of anxiety, worry, stress, heartbreak, and depression.

5. Intimacy or Sex issues:  Your sex life has significantly changed.  Could be due to children, aging, emotional distance, hormonal, affairs, or psychological.

6.  Parenting issues:  Everyone wants the best for their children but don’t always agree on the same way to implement parenting skills or always know “what is best.”

7.  Extended Family issues:  When you and your spouse become a family what are your expectations about extended family.  What kinds of limits and boundaries do you put in place when it comes to in-laws and other family members?

8.  Blended Family issues:  Yours, mine and ours.  What are the limits and boundaries put forth regarding your children and my children?

Working together in Marriage Counseling helps improve communication, increase trust, reduce arguing, and develop a Moving Forward Plan specific to your needs to enjoy your relationship again.  The hope is to feel more positive toward your spouse and yourself, improve the way you communicate with each other so you both feel heard and respected, solve problems easier, and create a shared vision for your future.  Men and women think differently.  Throughout my 20 years of experience and acquisition of innovative skills from the pioneers and experts in the Marriage and Relationship field, I am confident my services are able to help people work through their struggles to help them find the love they really want.

Couples typically wait six years before seeking help for marital problems.  With the divorce rate over 50%, it is apparent that seeking professional help as soon as marriage problems arise is important.  Typically after the Honeymoon Stage entering into the Conflict Stage is where Marriage Counseling can benefit sooner rather than later as problems only continue to deteriorate without effective communication or having a dialogue about what is troubling the relationship.

So the bottom line is if your relationship isn’t making your as happy as it once was, why wait a minute longer to see Marriage Counseling.  Call me today at (858) 735-1139 or email me at and we can get started to hear your story and how you want to make your changes.

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