What Men Really Want

What men really want.  Men are more sensitive than most women realize.  Men are just as interested in intimacy as women and truly wish to share their thoughts and feelings with a woman.  Women are attracted to confident men, but most men, however, are not.  They are socialized at an early age to be strong and capable suppressing any emotion that may make them appear weak or not in control.  Their confidence is masked with “machismo” like behavior which often times is not appropriate or desired from their counterparts.  Many women wonder what men are really looking for in a romantic relationship.  It really isn’t much different from what women look for their counterparts.

1.  Sharing of Feelings.  – Men want to be able to share their thoughts and feelings with a woman without being judged.  Men don’t find it easy to share their emotions to begin with so eliminate any judgments or criticisms and they are likely to express themselves more.

2.  Woman that are Self-Assured. – Confident women are more attractive than the ones that can be manipulated.  The latter are the women who are typically used and discarded but rarely engage in a relationship.  Women who know what they want and assert themselves to get what they know they deserve are also a quality that men appreciate and admire.

3.  Independent women.  –  A woman who isn’t “needy” or too available is always the better choice as men love their individual time, as well, making for two independent people being mutually dependent upon the relationship and each other.

4.  Appreciation.  Men respect women who appreciate them and have the ability to compliment and thank them.  They want to be loved for who they are and not for what they do or what they can buy them.  So a materialistic female is a turn off.

5.  Sweetness and Kindness. – Men appreciate and want women who make them feel good about themselves.  Who wouldn’t?!

Men want a woman who can ask for what they need and want trusting they won’t ask for anything unreasonable and would give the same in return with good integrity.  Relationships are about putting aside your immature acting out behavior to try and get what you want.  It’s about making the relationship you committed to nurture last through the test of time implementing your developed coping skills to resolve conflict, effectively communicate, and show each other love and understanding.  Couples counseling can give you the tools you need to nurture that commitment. Please contact me at (858) 735-1139 or email me at Sarah@CouplesCounselorSanDiego.com for more information in developing a long lasting healthy relationship that meets both your needs.

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