Neurodiverse Couples Coaching Reviews

Neurodiverse Couples Coaching Reviews. Fixing your relationship is not impossible. There is much said about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Even though Asperger’s is no longer part of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) many neurodiverse couples identify with Asperger’s (AS), typically the husband and Neurotypical (NT), typically the wife, as a neurodiverse relationship. ASD is just that, a spectrum. No two people on the spectrum are the same so it’s important not to treat neurodiverse couples with just one treatment mode. 

Neurodiverse Couple

I have been quite successful in getting my neurodiverse couples some stability and traction to be able to move forward. The relational tools they acquire and the process in which to become more communicative makes all the difference. Rather than get an asperger’s diagnosis, I provide a road map that includes an assessment through an asperger’s profile and put a household system in place where the relational tools make for much functionality, as well as harmony.

Neurodiverse Couples Coaching Reviews

  What Couples Are Saying About Sarah

“Sarah’s ability to identify the problem areas and give us tools to address them is priceless.”

“Finding a therapist can be a hit and miss at times, but Sarah is the real deal. Got so much out of her 3 hour intensive.”

“We love her energy.”

“She keeps us motivated to follow through with the system we’ve put in place to be more relational.”

“She’s honest and direct, but more importantly, her coaching has made a big difference in how we communicate.”

“If it weren’t for Sarah, I would not still be married.”

“We had two other couples counselors who weren’t familiar with neurodiverse counseling and were quite disappointed. Sarah helped us become more communicative in one session.”

Neurology matters. Being married to a man with Asperger’s, I know first hand what it’s like to feel as though you are speaking different languages.

There are strengths and weakness in all marriages. My husband’s most admirable traits are as a result of his disorder rather than in spite of it. With My husband and I utilizing the tools I teach we are less transactional having developed and maintained a more relational marriage.

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