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  • Do you have difficulty balancing being the “good guy” and being a “good parent”?
  • Do you and your spouse disagree about how to raise the children?
  • Are you trying to join two families into one?
  • Do you want to raise well adjusted individuals?

I’m a mother of a 29 year old and 16 year old. I’m also part of a Blended Family. I know how difficult it can be to find structure, connection and family time. We all want a peaceful, harmonious home, but that seems to be more elusive now than ever before. I can help by teaching you how to put boundaries in place and set limits to make the necessary changes that will lead to a happier functional home life.


“Thank you Sarah for your help!  You care about your patients big and small!!!  When my daughter (5 years old) was experiencing some bulling at school your immediate return phone call was comforting.  Working with you I was able to communicate with the school exactly what was happening in her life, not eating, not sleeping, not wanting to go back to school and provide them with a plan of action (your plan of action) to address her trauma.  After a week of my own attempts of getting them to take action over the incident (and nothing happening) I was desperate to find help.

You really helped our family!  Your wise words and specifically detailed plan of action helped me realize that my daughter was a victim and that even though she needed counseling to help her get over it, the truth was the bullying children needed to be confronted by the school counselors and their parents so they would take ownership of their part in the bullying.  I was amazed at how once that happened my daughters’ “trauma symptoms” diminished as she was no longer believing something was wrong with her.  Your plan of action helped to heal the relationship between the children and probably diverted future bulling incidents.”

Remarriage has its own set of challenges, what with parenting, step parenting, dealing with the “exes”, all while trying to be happy newlyweds. If it starts to be too much for you to handle alone, counseling can give you the perspective needed to understand how to move forward. An outside perspective with a Marriage Counselor with years of experience can bring some clarity to help bring about a positive outlook to something that otherwise could continue to look dismal and nonproductive.

Kids of all ages want structure and limit setting, but knowing how to set those limits for kids of varying ages can be tricky. There’s a difference between discipline and punishment, and while the first is effective and necessary, the second is counterproductive. Counseling can help parents identify and exercise appropriate behavior in managing their family more effectively.

For more information on raising independent, self-sufficient, goal-oriented children who want to be part of a harmonious working family, please call me at (858) 735-1139 or email me at [email protected] for more information.

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