One Sure Thing To Prevent Affairs

One Sure Thing To Prevent Affairs. Couples go along their daily life not realizing they stopped doing what they used to do during the beginning (honeymoon stage) of their relationship. Like contacting each other throughout the day, making the effort to say something sweet or thoughtful, making sure you look especially nice or sexy for each other and taking the time to show appreciation and thankfulness through words or behavior. Displaying love and affection shows you want to be in the relationship. Men and women have different languages of love. Women feel loved when they are heard and validated. Men feel loved when they know they are being helpful and appreciated.

One Sure Thing To Prevent Affairs

No one likes to be judged or criticized. Appreciation is a way to show our partners we notice them and they are important. There are many reasons why our partners may stray from our relationships. People have affairs for many different reasons. Men tend to seek outside stimuli if they are not receiving that attention at home. Something as simple as feeling appreciated and useful can make a man feel wanted or not wanted.

One sure thing to prevent affairs would be to incorporate a thank you and a show of appreciation daily to your man. And listen, show empathy and validate your woman. Just like you give each other a kiss when you leave the house and a kiss when you return these daily rituals can help keep the bonds of fidelity in tact.

You don’t have to wait until your relationship is in dire straits as one of you is about to have an affair to appreciate one another. Showing appreciation every day can help your relationship.  Tell your partner the things that you appreciate about him and focus your comments in a way that shows you notice. Saying things like, “I really appreciate you bringing me coffee in the morning or I appreciate what a great father you are to our kids” can shift your relationship to a new path for moving forward.

In working with my Couples in Couples Counseling and Marital Therapy I stress the importance of showing appreciation and thanking each other on a daily basis so wandering eyes stay focused and the need to go elsewhere doesn’t even cross their minds.

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