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Six Steps To Know Yourself So You Know What You Want In A Relationship

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Should I Stay, Or Do I Go? 


Sarah Ruggera

When your relationship is in trouble, it affects every part of your life. But it doesn’t mean you have to accept things as they are—or give up and walk away.

You can have a healthy, happy relationship. It all starts with taking charge of your own thoughts and actions, and learning to be your own person. With a better understanding of self, a firm foundation of healthy communication skills, and the insight to make better choices, you’ll know how to positively interact with others. You’ll be able to create the healthy, loving, supportive relationship you know you deserve.

Sarah Ruggera, a licensed marriage and family therapist and affair recovery specialist of twenty-five years, has helped more than 2,000 couples find joy in relationships. In Happy Me Happy We, she breaks down the steps required for you to become your evolved self—a person capable of meeting challenges head-on. Through client stories, hands-on exercises, and the wealth of information she provides, you will learn how to

  • trust what your gut is telling you by listening to your own reactions to events;
  • have the courage to follow your feelings and do what’s right;
  • face your emotions, whether that’s vulnerability and hurt, or inspiration and hope;
  • search within to know what you want for yourself, so you know what you want in a relationship;
  • find stability, manage your inner child, and set healthy boundaries that let you say no when you need to;
  • make wise choices, so that you can attract the right partner who supports your adult self.

You want connection, intimacy, and love. You can have all that. But first you need to find out what makes you happy and how to be a complete person on your own. 

To get back to a happy we, you’ll first need to cultivate a happy me. Ruggera—and this book—will show you how.


Sarah Ruggera is a licensed marriage and family therapist and affair recovery specialist who has helped over two thousand couples, families, and individuals navigate the challenges of their relationships. She has been in private practice since 1994, has transformed from traditional psychotherapy using standardized psychotherapeutic techniques to a more dynamic, results-oriented therapy that focuses on teaching and implementing innovative tools for stronger relationships and communication.

Ruggera obtains yearly training and education far beyond the state requirements, knowing the best way to support her clients is to keep abreast of the newest techniques to help maintain and repair relationships effectively. Her San Diego–based practice is enhanced through specialized training with leaders in the relationship field.

Through Ruggera’s two marriages—the second one a healthy and loving marriage of more than twenty years—and with the success of her blended family, she has learned the power of knowing oneself first, before creating a relationship with a romantic partner.

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