Sex No Matter What Your Age

Sex No Matter What Your Age.  Sex is not only for the young.  With better understanding and an open mind sex for us “Baby Boomers” can continue to be physically and emotionally fulfilling.  I’m going to be sixty years old next year and just like everyone else in my age bracket I worry about sex in later years.  We can feel embarrassed by our aging bodies or performance issues.  Others can be affected by illnesses or loss of a partner.  Without the appropriate information and an open mind, a challenging situation could very well turn into a permanent and dismissal one.

As a Marriage Counselor, I share my belief that the need for intimacy is ageless.  As we grow older we become wiser and hopefully more mature.  We have acquired the tools for more effectively communicating our needs and wants.  We know how to express our thoughts and feelings.  We should be able to initiate conversation around what feels good and what is needed for a more erotic and fulfilling sex life.


Of course, sex isn’t the same as it was in our youth.  I think it’s better!  With years of gathering information and self-exploration the once awkward process of engaging in sex is now something to be celebrated as we kinda “know what to do.”  And it feels so much better when you know what you want and have the ability be able to ask for something you aren’t getting.   As we age, that naive teenage, young twenties or thirties “person” has developed into a more self-actualized individual where asking for what you want in life is what it’s all about.

As a Marriage Counselor, I help my couples communicate with their partner, focus on emotional and physical connection, and ask for what they need and want.


Whether you want to reboot or improve your sex life, it’s important to be open to new things.  As a Marriage Counselor entering another age bracket I can personally relate to wanting to do just that. Call me at (858) 735-1139 and we can start a conversation about getting the sex you want no matter what your age.


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