Staying Fit for 2020

Staying fit for 2020 can be easier than you think.  As we approach the Holidays we will be consuming mass quantities of food. Some of us can be glutenous about it using the Holidays as an excuse not to stay on a healthy diet plan.  65% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions while only about 8% will have achieved them.  A sad 30% don’t even make it past the first week.  Three days is the length of the average New Year’s resolution goal streak, according to an article written by Jessamyn Patterson.  I am one to say don’t make New Year’s resolutions, rather, concentrate on yourself and move toward your own goal to be healthy, fit and happy.  Here are some tips to help with your personal journey.

1.  Clean up your life – Get rid of all the clutter inside and out.  What happens internally manifests externally making for a disorganized lifestyle.  Develop structure as a stress free home and work life makes for a smoother environment.

2.  Make a to-do list – Every night create a list and stick to it.  Making this list helps ease insomnia as you don’t have to keep running thoughts of what you have to do the next day over and over again in your head. No distracted time until you finish your list.  You’ll see how organized you’ll become and how much you will accomplish each day.

3.  Create an individual or family schedule – Regularize your schedule.  When you add consistency to your life your body and your success will thrive in a discipline environment.  You become a natural achiever,

4.   Be self-affirming – Thoughts become things so start telling yourself you are fit, beautiful, strong and healthy.  Positive energy, just like negative energy bleeds into your mental, emotional and physical world. Choose to let in positive energy.

5.  Face the world upright – Straighten up your posture.  Many people struggle with postural issues, especially if they work behind a desk.  Strive to fix your posture and strengthen weak muscles. Incorporate weight training into your workouts.  Good posture makes you look and feel better about yourself.

6.  Start slow – Don’t do anything drastic.  If you are dieting and are used to consuming 3,000 calories don’t drop down to 1,200 right away.  If you’ve never exercised don’t go running a half marathon your first day out.  Moderation is the key balance and success with making changes to your lifestyle.

7.  Try all natural foods – Avoid processed foods, which is anything that comes in a bag or a box.

8.  Food preparation – If you prepare your foods in advance and store them in containers you will have healthy food at your convenience.  Makes for great on the go snacks and helps stay away from tempting fast food and mindless snacking.

9.  Document your progress – Measure your results.  It may be uncomfortable at first as the before photos always look much worse than the progressive photos.  But after about a month and taking your new measurements you will see that you are dropping that weight and losing those inches.

10. Focus on reflection – Think about your journey weekly and adjust as needed.  Find solutions to help with the challenges and praise yourself for the successes.

For those of you who need additional information and help on changing your lifestyle contact me at (858) 735-1139.

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