Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives

Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host and author wrote a book entitled: “Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives,” where she states women should not blame anybody or anything but themselves if they are unhappy and their lives seem a mess.  She goes on to state ‘our’ (women’s) reticence to be bold and brave often makes us act like stupid, submissive victims.  The word “stupid” refers to the behavior and not the person so as not to offend anyone.  Her Ten points are as follows:

1.   Stupid Attachment – You typically look to the context of a man to find and define yourself.

2.   Stupid Courtship – Desperate to have a man, you become a beggar, not a chooser, in the dating ritual.

3.   Stupid Devotion – You find yourself driven to love and suffer and “sucker” in vain.

4.   Stupid Passion – You have sex too soon, too romantically, and set yourself up to be burned.

5.   Stupid Cohabitation – The ultimate female self-delusion.  Stop lying to yourself!  You’re not living with him because you love him.  You’re living with him because you hope he’ll want you!

6.   Stupid Expectations – Using marriage as a quick fix for low or no self-esteem.

7.   Stupid Conception – Making babies for the worst reasons. Misguidedly, you use biology as a jump start for love, personal growth, and commitment.

8.   Stupid Subjugation – Letting him hurt your babies.  You and your children are held hostage to your own obsessive need for security and attachment.

9.   Stupid Helplessness – Too scared and insecure to deal with your rage, you turn it into wimpishness.

10. Stupid Forgiveness – “I know he’s an adulterous, addict, controlling, violent….etc.” You don’t know when to break off a no-win relationship, or how not to get involved in the first place.

I can relate to some of the above.  I can understand and have empathy for those who are experiencing similar situations and feeling like you’re going out of your mind.  Please know there are alternatives to continuing these behaviors.

In our counseling you will learn to begin to build a better, richer existence. With the understanding of why you do the things you do you will experience a ripple effect in which more strength brings better choices, which then leads to greater satisfaction for you and for those whose lives you touch.

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