Suspect Your Husband Is Having An Affair?

Suspect Your Husband Is Having An Affair?  On the surface, everything seems fine.  You’re relatively happy and content.  Your husband tells you that he loves you.  Sex is normal.  He calls you from work and comes home every night.

Suspect Your Husband Is Having An Affair?

Your intuition tells you that something isn’t right.  You see him texting and emailing on weekends and at strange hours of the night.  He works later than usual, seems distracted, hides his phone, something he never did before.

If you don’t know whether something is really going on or if you’re just being overly suspicious, here are some signs your husband may be having an affair.

  • Unexplained time away
  • Has cheated in the past
  • Suddenly shaving, wearing cologne, and dressing more attractively
  • Hides his cell phone
  • Communicates secretly with other people
  • Flirts with women
  • Has new favorite items he wears when he goes out to a particular place (could be a gift from another woman)
  • Disheartening feedback on his behavior from others
  • Loss of interest in your relationship
  • Appears bored and preoccupied
  • Cheating in other areas of his life
  • You find yourself wondering more and more if he is cheating.=

While these signs can certainly provoke anxiety, they may or may not actually be evidence that your husband is having an affair.  I recommend having an honest conservation with him about your observations and sharing your feelings of insecurity.  If he has nothing to hide he will be open to a dialogue about your concerns.  If he withdraws and seems unwilling to communicate, consult with a Marriage Counselor who specializes in infidelity and affairs.  A trained counselor can help neutralize the discomfort surrounding this sensitive topic and open the door to more productive communication.

I have worked with both married and unmarried couples who have experienced the trauma of infidelity.  The relationship does not have to end because of an affair.  With time and commitment to the recovery process, couples can and will emerge from the storm stronger than ever


I specialize in Affair Recovery.  If you think your partner may be having an affair, please call me at (858) 735-1139.

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