Marriage Counseling For One

Marriage Counseling for One is an alternative for Couples who don’t or won’t go together. Waiting too long to get the help needed can create even more of a strain as delaying the counseling process can be the breaking point to any relationship in a bad place.


What Marriage/Couples Counseling for One does is focus on the Relationship, not the Individual and adapt traditional couples-counseling techniques for use with one spouse only.  Relational skills training is received by the one spouse and then teaches those skills to their partners behaviorally through day to day interaction.

Whether in Marriage Counseling alone or with a spouse, it is important to understand that you cannot change anyone but yourself.  Counseling is to gain insight into your own role in the dysfunctional pattern and recognizing how this role creates conflicts.  It is imperative to know what you want and need from your spouse and be able to ask for what that is. Asserting yourself and getting want you want in an appropriate way not only shows you love and respect yourself, it also role models to others how you want them to treat and behave around you.

Some Individuals may feel they are not moving forward while in Marriage Counseling alone.  I help them create a plan specifically for them to help them become more happier with the change they can effect in themselves.  In doing so their spouse will surely see the changes made in them through their newfound independence whereby being able to appreciate the efforts made in Marriage Counseling for One and the relationship perspective changes.  At any time your during the process I welcome a spouse to attend a session whether to give me his/her insight about the participant or to receive the relationship skills first hand if desired.

So if you’re tired of the ways things are and tired of relentlessly asking your spouse to counseling contact me at (858) 735-1139 for more information about Marriage/Couples Counseling For One.  Who says you can’t do alone?!


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