Lucid Dreams Can Make Your Day

Lucid Dreams Can Make Your Day.  As a Marriage Counselor, I work with couples who want to enhance their relationship. I utilize many techniques within the field of psychotherapy to do just that.  As every couple is different and has their own unique circumstances for moving forward I add other methods to this process.  Incorporating fantasies or at least having a dialogue about a fantasy can make for very hot sex between you and your partner.lucid dreamsI’m entering my 20th year of marriage.  I completed nine years of my first marriage.  I have been working with couples for over 23 years.  After the honeymoon period, relationships can become routine, and as some of my clients say….boring.  As a married Marriage Counselor I understand relationships and the ebbs and flows we experience throughout the years. Because relationships can become mundane at times it doesn’t mean we stop loving our partners.  Novelty tends to bring about interest and talking about situations that pertain to sex and fantasies is a sure fire way to ignite excitement. We all want to feel excited every now and then.  It’s fun and keeps life interesting.  It fuels us out of bed to go work and want to maintain our responsibilities.

Sharing fantasies is one tool that helps transform sexual relationships.  The feelings that are generated through the discussion about fantasies or in this case dreams are magical.  On 12/4/2017:

lucid dreams

I had the most romantic lucid dream last night.  I was walking around what appeared to be a hotel lobby. Went snooping around several floors not knowing what I’d find.  Ended up seeing a friend who I have a deep crush on who was sleeping in an open area.  He was on his stomach.  He woke up, lifted his head and saw me staring at him.  In my haste, I ran out of the area a little embarrassed and hide by a coffee/snack shop.  He found me rather quickly.  The cashier greeted him and obviously knew him.  Asked him if he needed anything.  As he moved toward me he picked me up in his arms and replied…..”no all I need is Sarah.”  Then we locked eyes and had the most intimate open mouth kiss.

I woke up feeling happy and energized.  I’m not a morning person so I was pretty nice to everyone in the household, including my Silky Terrier….LOL.  That evening I shared my dream with my husband, who is the most understanding man. He smiled and said, “wow, that’s pretty good!” You can imagine what transpired that evening.

The point of the story is in healthy relationships sharing fantasies can generate sexual energy if done in the context of a helpful tool. There is a learning curve to understanding how to do this.  For more information on how please contact me at (858) 735-1139.



Top Fantasies For Men And Women

Top Fantasies For Men And Women. It can be scary sharing fantasies as doing so makes you vulnerable with the risk-taking of opening yourself up to where you could end up feeling a little bit embarrassed afterward. Sharing fantasies with your partner creates a more connected, more vital and erotic sex life. Even if you’ve been too afraid to share your fantasies, or if you have tried in the past and failed, communicating your fantasies and desires is how you turn up the heat in your sex life. Talking dirty can be hot and it can connect you in bed. But sometimes it can be hard to say out loud what you’re really thinking about.  Again, being vulnerable is not easy and most of us have learned that being honest about expressing our feelings can lead to some negative experiences.  Albeit learning how to reveal your most erotic longings and being able to do the “dirty talk”  will turn you on, turn your partner on and bring you to your most intimate moments together.


As a Marriage Counselor, I work with couples where one or both wants to be able to talk dirty in bed.

FantasiesWorking with my couples, I hear stories about wanting to stretch their sexual experiences with one another.  As a Couples Counselor, I help them initiate conversations about turning their “vanilla sex” (missionary) into hot sex.  Just having a conversation about what they might like to do in bed with each other stimulates an arousal for eroticism.  The anticipation makes for more lust and their sex life is less routine and boring.

 According to the top Female Fantasies:
  1. BDSM – Female Dominating over Male

  2. BDSM – Male Dominating over Female

  3. Teacher – Student

  4. Sex with a Stranger

  5. Threesome with a Female

  6. Threesome with a Male

  7. Voyeurism

  8. Force Fantasies – Women being taken

  9. Exhibitionism

  10. Private Dancer

According to top Male Fantasies:

  1. Oral

  2. Threesome

  3. Cheating

  4. Cleavage Sex

  5. Sex in the car while driving

  6. Sex on a Tropical Island

  7. Voyeurism

  8. Sex with Strangers

  9. Watching partner masturbate

  10. Submit to a Dominant Woman

Talking about fantasies most always stimulates the imagination.  Couples don’t necessarily have to act out all the fantasies they talk about but having a dialogue about them certainly, makes for more creativity in and out of the bedroom.

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