Tempted To Go Through Your Guy’s Phone?

Tempted To Go Through Your Guy’s Phone?  Are you ever tempted to go through your boyfriend/husband’s cell phone?

Feel paranoid because you actually do want to look at his phone?  You’re not paranoid just because the idea pops into your head.  He probably keeps his phone close to him like most people so how can you not wonder?  If you’re seriously wondering and dare to take that peek, be very careful.  Either you find nothing and just compromised your relationship and his trust by going behind his back, and if he happens to find out, you will look crazy. Or you do find something half questionable as you are getting snippets of information without any explanation, and then you’ve just given yourself unnecessary stress over what-ifs.

Nine times out of ten, wanting to look through a guy’s phone is really a symptom of an underlying issue.  What you really need to do is ask yourself what’s happening with your guy to make you feel so anxiety ridden.  Are there clues that he’s been lying to you about something important or displaying some cheating like behaviors?  You’ll feel much better and get to the truth of the matter sooner rather than later if you address your concerns with actual words.  “Listen, I’m really happy with you, but lately I’ve been getting the feeling that there’s something you’re not telling me.”  Add that you can handle whatever he has to say.  This gives him the opportunity to be honest.  Then, even if its bad news, at least it’s out in the open. There’s no need for you or him to sneak around.

If you do happen to find compromising information while going through your guy’s cell phone, talking to a Couples Counselor can help you get the clarity you need to sort out what could be a misunderstanding. In Couples Counseling the underlying issues can be addressed and resolved in a venue where both parties can feel comfortable to talk about what is really bothering them and get the help they need to move forward.

Please call me at (858) 735-1139 where I can help guide you through a process that doesn’t have to be threatening to your relationship.

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