I LOVE Sarah! We came to her because our marriage hit a rough patch. She helped us so much! My husband and I were never really shown what a “healthy” marriage looks like. One of the biggest things she taught us was how to communicate with each other. On our first visit she gave us “homework”. We were to simply acknowledge each other when either of us walked in the room and every time we would pass by we were to simply give each other a casual touch of acknowledgement/affection. It sounded crazy to us but we really had nothing to lose. Let me just tell you, it made such a big difference! And that was just from our first appointment. Sarah just gets it. She wanted us to see in each other what she saw in us. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe. We never felt like we were in a counseling appointment when we were with her. From the beginning she was more like a wiser good friend. I have recommended Sarah to numerous friends who love her too! Hairstylist/Colorist

Sarah Cook provides a valuable perspective in helping find a solution to complicated issues. Each and every time I’ve left an appointment with Sarah I feel like she has helped me discover the tools that I need.NFL Professional/Sportscaster

Sarah Cook Ruggera is an amazing therapist. If your relationship needs help, then please don’t wait. Sarah is compassionate, effective and a joy to know and work with. Sarah will help you get to the core of the issue, listen easily to both points of view and help you get to the relationship you want and deserve. Call her today.Intellectual Properties Attorney

Ms. Ruggera helped me realize that I am also an individual in my relationship. That my relationship became better as I worked on myself and realized what I was doing to contribute the good and the bad. As a result, my husband also did the same and we now have a more mature working relationship filled with good communication and more love for one another. She is an excellent couples counselor and I highly recommend her services. – Local Celebrity

Sarah is a precious gem! Sarah will validate your feelings and then show you how to use them to change your life. Sarah will help you feel safe, strong, and in control! She helped me in deciding whether I should “Stay or go.” So grateful for Sarah! – Fortune 100 Executive

My husband and I have been seeing Sarah for about 2 months now. She is great, flexible with scheduling, provides good resources and is easy to talk. She is friendly and at times shares her own experiences which really helps to create an environment of open communication. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to improve themselves, their communication and their relationships.Scientist

Hi Sarah
I love how you self disclose.
I love how you show empathy.
I love how you are able to respond with traditional structure but are also not afraid to tailor your responses with your personal opinion…..which I believe may reflect your value system. I love how you let me extend a 50 or 60 minute traditional session. I love how you have now made yourself available via mail or telephone. Very progressive on your part and very much over the top. I think you will set yourself apart with this move. I love how you let me dictate the pace and the topics to discuss.
I think I have always been able to connect with you and move forward rapidly through issues I was having. You also have suggested things that I haven’t necessarily agreed with; allowing me to work through the issues myself and think hard about what was the right thing to do or the normalized way to proceed. I like how you gave me things to work on before our next session.
As a result of our discussions. I have almost always felt empowered and ready to take on the things that I was doubting.
You helped me to feel valued as a man and helped me to restore my self confidence. You helped me to finalize my decision to divorce by giving me the tools to put my actions into perspective; how they influenced me and how they influenced my children.
As a result of our discussions, I have been able to communicate positively, directly, and openly with my children, my ex-wife and current girlfriend over issues that I’ve had with all of them.
Simply put, you have changed my life for the better in almost every conceivable way.
I feel like I now have a healthy and wealthy personal relationship with my girlfriend that has and will continue to withstand the test of time. I am now part of a large, loving extended family.
My children love and respect me. Our interactions are very positive.
Things could not be better. 
CPA, San Diego Business Owner

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