Turning 60…..Shut Up!!

Turning 60…..Shut Up!!  In honor of my 60th birthday (9/23) I am reposting a Blog I feel strongly about:  


First of all, I thank my parents for having me and putting up with the good, the bad and the ugly.   They are loving patient people and I appreciate our better understanding of each other as we grow old together.

I was ok with turning 50.  I’ve gone through the developmental stages without too much trauma.  I’ve had my ups and downs. I didn’t let the downs define me and allowed the ups to guide me in my life’s purpose.

Now that I am 60 I realize time is limited and ever so precious.  I’ve stopped bitching about what could have been and appreciate what is happening in the moment.  I’ve stopped with the “what if’s” and stick to the “what is.”

It’s true those that age say nothing really matters anymore except being true to yourself.  If you aren’t happy you evidently missed opportunities to figure out what makes you happy. As a Baby Boomer, I tend to feel obsolete in the 21st Century.  My children know so much more than me.  We are products of our upbringing where our parents had limited parenting skills as we do in raising our own children.  What I learned and want my daughters to know is developing a sense of self is key to being happy. If you don’t know who you are and what you want life can be challenging. 

I plan on being more mindful in the next few decades so I can realize the gains of growing old.  I understand everyone has their own perspective in seeing things.  I want to receive the same courtesy so my list of friends and family don’t dwindle down to a handful of people (LOL).

My one regret of youth was thinking I would find myself in others when I always knew I wanted something else.  As a mental health practitioner, I find great satisfaction in helping those who want to live the life they envision not what others want of them.

If you were born on this day, Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

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