7 Ways To Boost Romance In Your Marriage

Ways To Boost Romance In Your Marriage.  We all know long-term relationships lose their luster.  Here are some helpful tips to return to those early days of romance:

1.  Appreciate your partner – Thankful people are happy people.  And thankful couples are happy couples.  Appreciate one thing about your partner every day, and then speak up and let him hear how magnificent or handsome or thoughtful you think he is.  The good news is the more you appreciate him the more he will appreciate you in return.

2.  Put some effort into your appearance –  It’s not vain to want to look good.  A pleasant appearance and positive self-image are instant happiness boosters and libido enhancers.  Try a new hairdo, buy some new lingerie or luxuriate in a nice bath and give yourself a treat to self indulgence.  Nothing amps up the libido like self-confidence.

3.  Share some fantasies – If you want to spice up your sex life and get your needs met in the bedroom, speak up and share your fantasies with your spouse.  You can also create a “fantasy box” which consists of fantasies written on slips of paper stored in a sexy box in your boudoir.  Whenever things get a little too routine simply pull a piece of paper from your fantasy box and act it out.  Make sure you both agree on the fantasies placed in the box before acting out on any one of them.  Always want to feel safe in acting any of them out.

4.  Get plenty of sleep – Sounds simple enough as more sleep means better mood, more energy and trimmer waistlines which all add up to increased libidos.  DVR those favorite TV shows and put the kids to bed early, then cuddle up with your spouse in bed.  That extra shut-eye will go a long way.

5.  Try a new date – When you try something new, like going to a new restaurant, seeing a play or participating in a sports activity, you tend to get a boost or adrenaline and excitement that can spill over into the bedroom.  So on your next date think about trying something different, push out of your comfort zone and try something new.

6.  Improve your friendships – You and your partner go do something separately with your girl and guys friends.  Doing independent activities from one another not only boosts your own need for individuality but also renews and rejuvenates yourselves for when you reunite and come together as a couple again.  You bring in all that individual energy to enhance the relationship making for longing and anticipation for one another in between individual time and couple time.

7.  And finally, don’t try to do it all – Find a way to save yourself time and energy.  This could mean hiring a housekeeper or buying store bought goods for your children’s bake sale, or saying no to family or friends who ask too many favors.  You might feel selfish at first, but you must set limits and put boundaries in place so that you don’t take care of other people over taking care of yourself first.

Your spouse will truly appreciate your prioritization of the needs of the couple as it is just as important as the needs of the family as a whole. For more information on how to boost the romance in your relationship please give me a call at (858) 735-1139.

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